Benefits of Sex With a Laugh

Sex and laughs were had in common benefit. Both are useful in reducing stress levels. When you have sex or laughing occurred a biochemical reaction is quite complex. This reaction has a benefit to suppress the production of hormones such as cortisone causes of stress and adrenaline Laugh sex and relaxed atmosphere. This condition also triggers the production of endorphins is useful to strengthen the immune system. Endorphin useful to relieve pain such as headaches, joint pain, migraine. While the increase in estrogen in women during sexual intercourse to prevent beneficial sexually transmitted disease syndromes.

Researchers from Stanford University said that laughing 100 times has the same benefits by exercising oar rowing for ten minutes. "We use about 80 muscles to laugh with more emphasis on abdominal muscles, is useful for gastrointestinal health support," he said.

But, of course, ridiculous to say that laughter can replace or fitness will help us to develop the strength or stamina. "But it certainly will increase the resulting effects," he said according to a study.

While regarding the sex, the sex drive can burn 200 calories during 15 minutes. Pacemakers can increase from 70 to 150, same as you do sports.

Laughter also trains the muscles of the face. This activity helps improve blood supply to the brain. The results could provide a good effect for your mental so that it can generate fresh ideas that led to the decision right in your head.

So having sex with a laugh believed to provide multiple benefits for health. It is no research evidence that can support that conclusion. Only you can prove it.

12 Responses to "Benefits of Sex With a Laugh"

  1. for sex is tricky, depending on both partners in creating a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable.

    for laugh is healthy, but if a lot of laughs can be mentioned crazy. hehehe:).
    thanks for the info.

  2. He .. he .. thank you for your comment. It is true to know the sex business partner is concerned. But what's wrong if we try? he .. he .. most laughed also be called a madman.

  3. comment+follow..
    nice info bro..
    its actually right, but dont to much laugh when u have a sex or u will be have nothing..

  4. comment + follow..
    its actually right, but remember dont laugh to much when u have a sex or u fell nothing with your sex (just wasting time)..
    wait for your linkback.. thx bro..

  5. oohhh gitu yaa...(sambil manggut-manggut nich), hhehee

  6. i like it bang. lol
    nais inpo banget.
    tapi gw rada binun
    bagusnya, laugh after sex, or before sex? or WHILE doing sex?

  7. nyooooo... maybe I'll do it this tips after I get married someday hehehehe^^

  8. waduh sex sambil ketawa kek mana itu ceritanya



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